Scrubser is a Saudi medical appearing store. It was founded in 2015 aiming to fulfill the high demand on medical uniforms. 

Scrubser stand out by offering the largest selection of personal medical apparels, accessories, and equipment as it is an exclusive distributor of well-known international brands in the industry. 

A strong customer-focused approch empowers Scrubser to deliver the highest level possible of satisfaction based on high quality products, reasonable prices and its money back guaranteed policy.

تأسس سكربزر عام 2015 وكان يهدف لتغطية النقص الموجود في سوق الملابس الطبية, وحصل على امتيازات من أكبر الشركات الامريكية المتخصصة في

الملابس الطبية.

تميز سكربزر بجودة المنتج, والسعر المعقول للمنتج وايضا الخدمة للعميل